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March 2010
May 20th, 2020 12:00 am

Welcome to my LJ. Please note that this is both a fandom and personal journal. Very shortly I'll be locking everything down, THUS. If you wish to friend me to watch for my fandom contributions, I'll add you back, no problem. :D But if you also want to see my non-fandom posts, please leave a note, cause I'm F-locking for a reason. Thank you!

Also, if you view my works, feel free to leave comments, concrit, and the like. I love them. :D ♥

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March 21st, 2010 10:08 pm


so, i'm pretty sure no one reads this journal anymore, seeing as how i havent updated in oh, say, 2 years. but i still get notifications about people reading (and commenting!) on my fic, which always makes my day, so thank you to anyone who has checked out my stuff <3

anyway, this is a statement to just confirm that i am pretty much defunct in fandom and LJ - i lurk time to time but i hardly contribute any longer, my life is just crazy hectic and i apologize to anyone who still awaits fic updates or the like - i wont say i've given up, BUT it will be a long time coming - some of you are aware what i do in life, that is currently attempting to graduate from fashion school with a full-fledged collection in the works, so my life is really not my own until after june. maybe.

so thank you once again to anyone who takes the time to let me know they read and enjoyed my work, i do apologize to not be more fruitful but all my creativity right now goes straight into work, and i hope to eventually have the time and effort to tie up loose ends (in terms of my fic).

<3 <3

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May 7th, 2008 11:51 pm
FIC: The Way You See The World, PG (Gossip Girl)

Yes, I have succumbed. Gossip Girl fic. With lots of Blair, which is expected, because I ♥ her like no other. But, hold up! The other main character? Not Nate, or Serena, or Chuck. It's Dan, y'all. Because even though I think Blair and Nate are MFEO, MTB, the OTP of the GG world, &c., I secretly harbour a love for Dan/Blair, simply because they are so cute together in pictures. Yes, I'm shallow. I'm a fashion student. Looks matter more than anything else!

Anyhoo. This isnt even a complete fic. Its more of a prologue, where I twist the events of 'The Wild Brunch' and 'Poison Ivy' into something that (hopefully) makes the Dan/Blair to come believable. YES, I'm about to start off on another WiP. So sue me. Um, actually, don't, cause I'm kinda broke.

Song title is from The Virgin's 'Rich Girls'. Approx 2600+ words. G, for the moment. Spoilers up to Poison Ivy.

You've got a lovely way with words, must be the way you see the world...Collapse )

Okay, that's sort of it for now, because now I have to plan out the rest of the story, like, for example, getting Dan and Blair together without hurting Nate or Serena. Anyway, hope someone anyone likes it! Comment and crit, as always, welcome! ♥ xoxo

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May 7th, 2008 09:22 pm
FIC: Full House, PG. (Doctor Who)

I am the biggest loser in the universe, because I have not been going to class for three days. Instead I have been obsessing over Gossip Girl, and writing Dan/Blair fic, which is ridiculous considering I ship Nate/Blair.

Anyway. Before I post that, I thought I would post this: het-crack-Doctor-Who-with-maybe-porny-under-and-over-tones. For loupcelte who asked so nicely. It was a while ago, but I've been busy! Plus according to LJ it is her birthday soon, thus this is good timing! She wanted Ten/Rose, and I give her that, along with a splash of Jack, who entered the fic halfway as I was writing it and demanded that I give him some attention. Not that I would ever mind giving Jack…attention. Rawr. Ahem. To the ficlet. Hope you like it!

Stripping can save your life, in some universes!Collapse )

Yes, I know its silly, but hey, my first Doctor Who fic(let) ever. Comments and crit, as always, appreciated!

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May 7th, 2008 05:59 am

Okay, so I didnt bother commenting on last week's episode because (a) I was having fun in London, and (b) it was just blah, for me. As big a fan as I am, it was just blah.

BUT. They totally upped the ante in this episode!! I was totally psyched by all the buzz by the people who saw it on air, and MAN.

Spoilers ahoy!Collapse )

Anyway, this was an awesome episode, with Blair rocking out. What did everyone else think??

xo xo!

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April 23rd, 2008 07:28 am

All I can say is, I have not been this excited or happy in a long, long time. Although I am OMFG dying about what happened.

Uber short recap with commentary, cut for spoils!Collapse )

How am I expected to wait another week???!?!?!!

xo xo

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April 11th, 2008 10:39 am
Hello, Part Two.

Its a nice feeling to open my fandom inbox and find that people are still reading my fics, even though I've fallen off the face of the earth! ♥ to everyone who does. I think I need to update my masterlists soon.

Anyway, I've missed that feeling, and I know I'm going to regret this, but I think I'll put a tiny tiny toe back into fandom, as it were. THEREFORE.

If any of you reading are still interested in my fics/art - leave me a note here with a prompt / request / &c, and I will see what I can do over the weekend, and maybe just maybe over my Easter break.

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Supernatural, Dr Who, Gossip Girl, Buffy, Good Omens.
Rating: Anything goes for fics, but for art its G - PG13 ONLY. I'll be scanning at school or a friend's place, so no porn/incest kthnx.

...Hopefully I get at least a couple of requests. If not I'm just swanning off and not coming back to fandom.

&hearts to all! xo xo

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December 29th, 2007 03:51 am
FIC: Not Quite Human, PG13, SPN J2

Blame sazzlette entirely for this. Oh. My. God. She completely took advantage of my slightly inebriated state to go, "I want a Jared/bionic!Jensen fic!"

And being in the slightly inebriated state that I am, I went "okay!"

One and a half hours later, here I am. Sazz was supposed to collab with me but she disappeared and I feel jumpy about leaving the document on my daddy's laptop, so I'm posting now, that I can delete the file.

Title: Not Quite Human Pt 1
Author: jennuine, Pt 2 by sazzlette
Fandom, Pairing: Supernatural, sort of. More J2.
Summary: It’s the weirdest thing. Jared’s probably the only who notices, though, because he’s the only one who pays that much attention to Jensen.

Remember, I was still half-drunk when I wrote this.Collapse )

Also, I apologize to anyone who was actually looking forward to when I promised new fic. I have had alcohol, and I place all blame solely upon this fact. I need to have something that keeps me from going online when I am drunk in any form.

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October 23rd, 2007 01:58 pm




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September 23rd, 2007 01:31 am
I think I can safely say, after two weeks of living here, that Paris is THE MOST EXHAUSTING CITY that ever existed.


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August 31st, 2007 04:26 am
Okay, no boy angst. I mean that in the sense that there totally is, but I'm trying not to think about it.

(at the cinema popcorn queue)
Me: Okay, yes, I may have lied to my parents about the trip, saying that T was going with me when I was alone. But only because they wouldn't let me drive across the country alone, and then I wouldn't have been able to break speed laws.
S: ...They might have had a point.
Me: You cannot expect me to keep to the limit! I am like the wind. And it wasnt a big lie. It's not like I said "No, I did not kill someone." while burying their corpse.
People in the queue: *back away*
S: Its good when you talk like that when we're rushing for something. *moves forward*

Random person on the street: *staggers around drunkly*
S: Why are there drunk people here?
Me: Maybe they weren't drunk. Maybe they were faking.
S: ...Why would they do that?
Me: Because, it can be fun. And harmless, its not like you want to impress strangers. At least, until they turn out to be your professor.
S: ...When did that happen to you?
Me: What? What! No! I was making an example. Why do people always think I'm talking about myself when I say these things!
S: ...You kind of give them a reason.

It should be noted that though I say many more words, S and I take about the same amount of time to say our lines. Mostly because I sort of talk like I'm on speed.

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August 17th, 2007 07:02 am
ART! SPN boys in drag. PG.

Okay, so for my birthday, the following occured:

My computer chose exactly midnight to hang, making me panic about bad omens.
I started reading some trashy fashion book and slept at 4am after planning my life as a fashion superstar.
I got woken up three times by my friends calling to wish me Happy Birthday, and then to get me out of bed as I was late for lunch.
I got the amazing Life's A Drag from the wonderful sazzlette and squeed like a mad thing.
I had lunch with two of my best friends.
I went shopping and got some really cute sweaters.
My (on? off? who knows!) boy-type person called me.
I got jewelry and cash from the parents.
I had Japanese food for dinner. Mmmm.
I came home and watched CSI and Psych.

The day after:

I made burgers from scratch for dinner and baked brownies for dessert.
I went out clubbing but it was mostly lame; really bad music and weird people. And I didnt get hit on, which I can't decide is a good or bad thing. Plus I lost my voice, which I actually like because I sound really hot.
I lost my mind and drew THIS:

Drag Queens Dean and Sam.Collapse )

I blame sazzlette entirely for this, since she wrote that fic for me. WHY DOES SHE ENABLE ME SO OFTEN. WHY DOES SHE NOT LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE.

It is now 7:15 am and I really ought to sleep.

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August 5th, 2007 04:48 pm
ART! couple of random sketches.

Ragh. These arent great, but I'm just trying to get back into the groove of drawing.

This one is for shabzilla who made a request a long, long time ago. Sorry it took so long!

zacharias smith from HPCollapse )

And this is a random drawing of Jensen Ackles, aka Dean Winchester, except for the fact that it uh, doesnt look like him.

sadly, no pompomsCollapse )

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August 4th, 2007 02:01 am
Okay, I totally caved.

greatest journal

I dont know how many of you have jumped, so I'm adding those that I can find so far..

PS - this isnt to say that I'm jumping ship, because the LJ ship has all of you guys, whom I love, but it's always good to have a plan, yeah?

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August 1st, 2007 02:06 am
FIC! Like, Totally! SPN gen, PG13.

Oh my god, I can't believe I actually wrote this. I am all sorts of a sick twisted individual. But okay. My very first SPN fic, in which Dean is like, totally a valley girl, y'know? And Sam's just sort of along for the ride, because who wouldn't want to be?

I blame thank groovy for burning SPN onto DVD for me, and sazzlette for introducing me to the fandom, and both of them for cheering me on and giving me ideas for how best to torture Dean what I could put in. ♥♥ This fic is for the both of you!

Title: Like, Totally!
Author: jennuine
Rating/Pairing: PG13, GEN!fic
Summary: Sam's kind of died and gone to a really bizzarre heaven where his brother is secretly a teenaged girl. Dean is swinging his hips from side to side almost obscenely, and Sam really, really, really wishes he had that video camera.

I'm sexy! I'm cute! I'm popular to boot!Collapse )

So, yeah, I might be on crack. Leave me comments anyway.

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